Pattern of lines through surface

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I’m basically modeling a tunnel, with a pattern of bolts. I’m trying to replicate this pattern through the entire tunnel section (which is a surface), separated x meters of distance (or mm, it doesn’t matter at this point).

I’ve tried with the array commands, but I haven’t had success. Any advices? I’ll post a a pic to clarify this issue a little more.

bolted tunnel.3dm (89.2 KB)

Thank you in advance, I hope you can understand that the entire tunnel needs to be bolted, separated certain distance between an array of bolts and the next one.

Hello - you want something like this:

but with known spacing, correct?


Exactly Pascal! thank you.

How do you achieve that?

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Hello - ArrayCrv - specify the spacing in the dialog:



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Wow Pascal, thank you so much.

It ended up being simpler than everything I tried haha.

Have a great day, Retro.