Pattern Database Validation

Dear all,

I am currently working on a similarity measurment for patterens. I have generated a few examples and would kindly ask all to have a look at:

and go through some of the examples and give responses if the provided examples are similar to the provided original.



What does “similar” mean exactly in this case?

Hello David,

Given case I mean visual similarity, but I guess that doesn’t really answer the question.

I have used conway polyhedron notation to generate the different patterns based upon a cube.
Good thing it generates a variety of patterns.
Bad thing I can’t handle the amount of the different resulting solutions.

Currently trying to find a way to manage it. I have different similarity measurements which I would like to test against “Halbordnungen” defined by humans.

I am happy to but forward my definitions of “similarity” once I have enough data.



So similar would mean the exact same edge network, rather than say me not getting upset if I ordered shape A on amazon but shape B arrived in the mail?

I’m getting these as the first set, and I don’t think A or B are similar to the original, but that’s not an option I get:

in this case use: Not sure.
If you can’t say that one of both or both are similar.

I’m not used to being this unsure for this long.

\hspace{60mm} – Rick Sanchez

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