Pattern Creation

How can I create a pattern like this which gets smaller and a bit altered at the ends?

Thank you so much for whoever can help! ıt will mean the worlds!!

Just spotted that one (these have good aesthetics - a rarity these days where the kitsch is King).

I’ll give you some hints (from stuff that I have already).

  1. First you should create a flat collection of lines (as an “Y” Graph so to speak) or the “equivalent” Mesh (or Brep). The thing captured below used for that is pure C# thus I guess that has no meaning for you (but I assume that’s doable with components as well - the one way or the other). You can get “Sin wave like” Curves as well (I don’t have a C# that does that) but the Morph could be way slower (for obvious reasons).

  1. Then you should mastermind ways to create the target Surfaces (that’s a bit tricky) and the body (ditto). Or do them by hand and save hours/days.

  2. Then you should input some GeometryBase type of content (i.e. (a) Graph Points, (b) Graph Edges or (c) Mesh/Brep) to some R Morph Method ( Sporph/Splop):

  1. Using some Splop Morph vars (scale etc) you can get various freaky results:

Anyway … If you are familiar with C# i could post an indicative solution for the 1 - the 3, 4 are doable with native GH components.

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Thank you so much for your kind and resourceful reply!!! I cant thank enough! :)))

Notify if you hit the wall with regard the Y Graph (1).