Pattern and its distribution

Hello @Mahdiyar and dear community

I have a simple room which its southern facade has a specific window to wall ratio (for example 60%). I want to have 3 geometry (circle, diamond, and hexagonal) as fenestration in 4 different distribution (so they should not have intersects) in which WWR should be constant also when the number of geometries increases the geometry area gets smaller (for constant WWR) or vice versa, the numbers have 3 specific value, they are 7,10,12,15.

Pattern and (34.4 KB)

Thank you, Nariman

What is “WWR”? And what does this error message mean?

  1. You should first let Honeybee fly…

It stands for Window to Wall Ratio and this warning is because you don’t have honeybee_masses2zone component or you didn’t put the first honeybee component on canvas.


If it’s completely LB related thread you can post it in Discourse LB. If it’s only gh related thread you can remove unwanted plugins and post it (But it’s seems LB based one).


Hi thank you for your response, I know the LB forum and i think my problem could be completely solved by gh.
The LB component is just because of wwr which can simply be done in gh too.

Yeah. I completely understand your problem with the script I just said this because some contributors like @Joseph_Oster may not have LB so I said. Thank you.

I would appreciate if anyone can help me on this.

As long as your code requires LB, there isn’t anything those of us without it can do.
Instead of describing this as a room, the issue seems to be just one wall (surface).
You mention three geometries (circle, diamond, and hexagonal) but then say “when the number of geometries increases”, which is confusing?
“3 specific value, they are 7,10,12,15” - That’s four specific values, not three.
What does “4 different distribution” mean?

The way a problem is presented affects the results you will get, or lack thereof.