Pathmapper - add branches according to external list

I have a list (of points) all in 1 branch which I sorted (synchronously using “sort list”) into branches depending on their values (1st branch with all indexes with value 0, 2nd branch with value 1 etc.).

I am trying to divide the list (in the centre) into the same branches of the sorted list (on the right).
I guess I need to use pathmapper, but not sure how to add branches according to another list.
Any suggestion would be great!

Hi, welcome!
If you haven’t, take a look here: How to ask effective questions

Use List Length on third list (actually it’s a tree), flatten the output.
Then use Partition List with your second list and the List Length output as “Sizes”.

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no need for the sort, but here:



Dear @maje90, thanks very much. It works like a charm. (now that I see the solution, it looks obvious…). Many thanks!

Hello @christopher.ho many thanks. I’ve tried this solution too and it works. Cheers!