Path mapper simplification


I am not very proficient in path mapping but I have an easy task to solve and I would like learn from it.

I actually did it, but I assume it is far not the most elegnat way to do it, could you please provide me the simplest solution for the task below:

Thank you!

Sorry I misread your question at first. Still not sure what you are trying to solve. Does it specifically have to do with path mapping? Your data only has one path {0} though, so you are not actually mapping paths, but list indexes.

The simplest solution I can think of:

If you actually want to do path mapping I recommend you check out the Human plugin (, which contains Tree Frog. Tree Frog’s sole purpose is to make path mapping a lot easier and once you start working with complicated trees is a life-saver.

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I was just curious what is the easiest way to solve the task.

It is much simpler with dispatch for sure!

Thank you for your suggestion, I will check Tree Frog!