Path mapper little doubt

what is the “function” to get the other direction lines to form diamonds with pathmapper?

path (26.9 KB)

There really is no other direction, only horizontal and vertical, the vertical appears to be spiral, but it is because the points are twisted around an axis. Then you can’t find something like a vertical in another direction (you can but look the same, from first to last or from last to first, visually it’s the same thing). Then, you could arrange the points diagonally to the right and to the left, but in that case the inclination would be greater than the one that gives you your own geometry. And in that case I would use the Relative Item, not the Path Mapper component.

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@Dani_Abalde is right, your counter-clockwise motion is the natural one implied by your shape, to go in the other direction you’ll end up with short columns of points in the corners of your facade, and longer ones along the diagonal.

It’s somewhat easier if you only focus on one half of the shape, i.e. ignore all those points that have a 1 in the first path element {1;*} .

You can use Relative Item to create pair of points going in the clockwise direction this way, and the next step would be to join all these line segments into polyline, then running interpolated curves through the polyline points. Do note that both the order and direction of polylines will be arbitrary, as Join Curves does not try to keep the data structure as intact as possible. (35.5 KB)


You are totally right

thanks guys, I tried with relative item but I was having an unexpected result, corrected , thanks again!