Path mapper is not keeping null items (71.2 KB)

Hello everyone!
I hope you are doing well, I have a question about this definition i’ve uploaded. The thing is that I have a list of 200 branches with {A;B} and I want to clean the tree to {A}, but when I do this, the path mapper component removes all null items which I need to keep. I have tried using the clean tree component but it works just like the path mapper. Would someone please help me? Do you know a component that might work to solve this issue? Thank you very much. Attached is the gh definition and also the image!


Check wombat plugin.
Or you could use Pick’n’Choose. (73.9 KB)

Not sure if this is what youre after but I’ve got a nullfiller cluster I use to preserve branch indexes in empty branches. (80.7 KB)