Path animation rendering using display style

Is there a way to render a “path animation” using the “Artistic or Pen display” style?

I am not sure if this is an animation question or a rendering question… Please provide enough information so that people do not need to guess what you are thinking.

Not sure either, hope this clarifies it. Let me know if it does not.

Hmm, where is the this in your reply? Did you intend to attach an image or video?

This as in the rewritten question

I was wondering about the same but the first post was edited to clarify the question.

At any rate:
does this help?

Is there a way to do an animation using the Pen settings. Sorry for not being clear. I like to render a path animation using the pen setting.

Pen display mode.

When I play the animation, it switched from Pen to Wireframe display mode.

I would love to create a video using the Pen or Artistic display style.

Thank you! Yes, sorry for the noise.