Patching the end of a fuselage

I need to patch the hole along with this profile. I feel like it should be a flow command but I can’t find the right combo.

Thank you!


Patch can work.
Or extend and turn on controlpoints and then xyz-set the end U(orV’s) to a single points and the secon last set to a plane coplanar with the endpoint.

Another approach would be to take the final aft edge curve and make several increasingly smaller scaled-down copies, move each of these onto a Y plane with increasing Y values, and then Loft the curves.

To make the tippy end closed you’ll have to make the final curve very small because Loft can’t tolerate a control curve that does not enclose some positive area. I’ve successfully used diameters of .01 mm with no problem.

you can perfectly loft to a point / point object. If last curve and this point are coplanar, it generates a nice smooth closed tip (with loose loft)

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use SplitEdge on the surface at each end of the curve, then use loft with both edges and the curve in the middle, use options match start tangent and match end tangent.

I’m not wild about this idea - the reason being, while you might get something that fits ok initially, you’d end up with two singularities, neither in a very convenient locations for getting good continuity.

I think a surface with one singularity at the tip of the nose, so to speak, is probably a better bet - there are a few ways t get there, Loose loft being one, ExtendSrf (merge=No, I would say, in this case) and then point editing the result is another. This way you get a clean edge all the way around, uninterrupted by the singularities.


Thanks for the tip about making a closed end Loft surface. It never would have occurred to me to use the trick that you described. Very clever. Thanks.

i believe you… but i still cant believe that there is no precise solution involving a wished curve with the shown continuity. i was messing around on such closings for weeks if not months in my free time to figure out solutions. depending on the curvature and having no distinct extra curve also blend surface will create something similar with 2 singularities, so yes also not a “good” solution but maybe useable. point editing with a software which creates utmost precise nurbs just feels a bit weird…

Hello - here is one way to to get there.

The cyan and white curves are degree 3 with matching control points. The red curves pass through these curves’ control points, the surface is a loose loft.

Nose.3dm (263.5 KB)


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