Patching surface


I’m trying to patch this diamond shape surface, however there seems to be an issue with the surface matching the curves of the designated line geometry that was selected for the patch, there are very small gaps between the line curve and surface edge. Is there any way of having the surface match exactly? Since the shape has more that four edges, surface from network of curves and surface from edge command hasn’t worked. I’ve attached screen shots and 3d file below.



dome section.3dm (700.7 KB)

Hello - one thing is, unless the design is meant to me like this, I’d make sure all your radial lines are on the same circle:

Then, you could intersect the short edges and make these as the larger diamond shape or a revolved shape.


The gaps between the edges as measured by CrvDeviation are less than 0.007, which is less than the absolute tolerance in DocumentProperties which is 0.01. If you need smaller gaps try making the absolute tolerance smaller and then using Patch.

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