Patch surface in GH

Hi, I need to create a patch from points. Using this kind of panel I don’t have problems

In this case I have a problem (i use split command for other operation). I think because in this case I have a sort of index. Do you know hoe to modify?

Thankyou very much

right click Pt and select “Flatten” ?

thank you very much…I’m feeling so stupid

Hi…other question about my project. I need to rebuild a text file joining the value that I split in the beginning to have a cloud points. Can anybody help me?

Try the CONCATENATE component, You can zoom right in on the inputs and click to add more. Use Panel components with “,” for example to separate your variables.

with concatenate i don’t rich what I need…in the green panel wath I would like

Use ListItem on the first panel. Zoom into ListItem component and add an extra Output so you have “i” and “i+1”

Looks like you need to use Decompose XYZ point on the second panel to give you the X, Y and Z components.

Then you can use Concatenate with the following inputs…

ListItem i
ListItem i+1

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Thankyou very much martynjhogg. I finally finished my project

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sorry one more question…I’m trying to create a panel as the pictures. Do you have any idea?
Thanks in advance

This could be one way…


thankyou very much

I don’t know why but it doesn’t work. Maybe because I have empty instead null?

"empty"is not really empty in the list…

Replace Empty (15.0 KB)

Thank you very much. Do you know how to use the conditions If? I need to pick a value checking one condition

Hi Kim,
can you help me?
I need to get only the line without ;
Do you need how can I do it?
Thank you very much