Patch Layout Help

Hi everyone! I have a question about the patch layout of a swing seat that i am currently working on.

When i started this project i was trying to improve my modeling skills, to make models that are ready for production or that don’t have horrible surfaces. All of this to find a job eventually (as an industrial designer, not 3D modeler).
Meanwhile i came across @sgreenawalt 's videos on Youtube about Primary Surfaces. I realized that I was starting wrong from the very beginning with using Network of Crvs all the time.

So i decided to continue with this approach, but i couldnt figure out the patch layout of this seat. Maybe its too complex for first projects but i have to improve faster and get this project done for my internship!

Anyway here is the seat and file.
I know that i have a 3 sided hole at the end of the armrest but i ignored that part for now.
This seat will be made with rotational moulding, so i think tangency isnt have to be 0.01 or something like that low.

Thank you for your help already!

Patch Layout.3dm (4.1 MB)

I don’t understand your question… if there’s one.

About the layout it looks quite good in my opinion.
The, eventual, issue I can see is to match the different patches together to achieve a higher continuity.
Probably having a strict bezier srfs will end to be a slightly underconstaint but nothing serious.

And having a triangular patch where 3 faces comes together is simply the best solution ( like when you fillet a box corner)

Keep modeling and add radiuses: it will look better, and also feasible. :muscle:

Sorry, yeah my question was what is the right patch layout for this geometry.

Even though i try to keep simple CVs and match, i can see the surface edges. This made me think something is wrong with the layout and/or the guide lines. Or should i just increase the CV’s?

It says that tangency is under 0.1 but why can i see the edge of the surface? Its not that dense like making just a little section tangent. Am i missing something? Is that not the logic of this?

For the patch layout I would consider overbuilding and just trimming out the shape / design.

Quick example:

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This would be how I’d do it as well - keep it simple!

Yeah thank you very much. It meets my expectations for now, this is looking good for me.

So i tried the same with the outer shell but the connection surface between them is terrible right now. DupEdge, Rebuild and match later isnt working. I guess not enough control points. I will try to correct that area now.

I appreciate your help!

If you have clean surfaces to trim out the general shape, I would probably reuse those surfaces between the outer and inner shells as much as possible.

Also the area between red lines is a bit strange. I think you should have sharp corners all around before you start adding the fillets or blends. And then use the variable blend or fillet with bigger radius to get the shape you want in the top back for example.

These were the trimming lines that i used. I tried to keep them simple but idk maybe the problem was they were separate parts?

I split the surfaces where the direction of the curve changes. Then i could rebuild and re create the surfaces.

The connection srf is better now.

This looks so much better overall, thanks to you!