Patch layout and primary surface on CV-6 enterprise

Hello everyone, I am here to ask about how to make this ship hull CV-6 successfully watertight. There is something I want to do but finds difficult to move on.

  1. I have a fixed deck profile, the hull surface must fit on it (G0).
  2. The hull surface must be as clean as minimum pieces possible, so that I can create the thickness (inner surface in minimum piece), after this primary surface I am going to add tons of details on it such as hull plating (emboss) , internal ribs…etc. I tried to merge those primary surface but the result is weird.

I watched thirtysixverts youtube channel and do this. I learned good skills from him (thanks) but still I stuck on this project. I think he is in this forum: If you can give advise on my patch layout that will be awesome. Thank you.
CV6_Main1 027_question.3dm (516.5 KB)