Patch issue

Hi everyone,

There are several non-planar surfaces. I do offset of these surfaces and then i would like to do patch between base and offset. I created GH.def when i do for 1 pair it works well but for multiple pairs it stuck. I think i mixed up with list and series could you guys help me with this small issue. (13.4 KB)offset-and-patch.3dm (285.0 KB)

Personally, I don’t work a lot with Patch in such a case.
You’re dealing with “Trimmed Surfaces”, so this could be another way to play with the rhino book… (210.7 KB)


agreed, but i want to offset in the normal direction of the surface (Height). What to do in that case?

You mean like this? (212.3 KB)

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Or like this? (221.9 KB)

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i want to something more bumpy. could you guys have a look on my gh.def . i created something for one element but couldn’t create for manywhatiwant

If that’s all you want then the only problem was your data structure.

Instead of posting two files you could next time internalize your input geometry.

offsetandpatch (1).gh (213.6 KB)

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