Patch command


If there has a c++ sdk function as patch commond?
I need using this function patch a trimed brep.
I can’t find this function ,so I write it using runscript.
but it can’t work .patch.rar have the 3dm file and main code and a screenshots

when using patch commond can get a brep I needed.
when using the function I write will can’t get any brep.
and will have a hint like the screenshots in the patch.rar the first time using the function

(Dale Fugier) #2

Use CRhinoFitPatch. See rhinoSdkFitPatch.h for details.


Thank you. And one more a question,how can I change the color of object in the viewport directly?


thanks for you answer.
but I don’t konw how to using this class.

I need write a fuction like that:
on_brep* Patch(on_simplearray<on_curve*> in_curves,double tol);

can you give me some examples how to using crhinofitpatch class to write my needed function?


I am sorroy ,the function should like that:
on_brep* Patch(on_simplearray<on_curve*> in_curves,double tol);


I find a bug of this forums:
cant’t write sharp parentheses


I write this function myself,and this work fine \

thanks again


That’s not a bug, Markdown supports inline HTML.




sorry (without o)


Two symbols which will cause problems :

  • greater than+less than signs “<>” (if there’s something between the
    two signs)
  • ampersands “&”

this is because they are read as inline HTML.

Inside code blocks, they will be fine (escaped automatically). Code blocks can be started/ended with 3 “backticks”, or just indented 4 spaces or a tab

This is a code block made with backticks.  No problem with <stuff> inside <brackets> or with &&&. 
This is also a code block, made with 4 spaces in front.  No problem with <stuff> inside <brackets> or with &&&.

Otherwise, if you don’t want to enclose your stuff in a code block, you need to “escape” the assumed HTML formatting:

For a < symbol, type "&lt;" , for a symbol > type "&gt;" ,  for an ampersand type "&amp;"

Hope this helps, &<Mitch>


3? According to Markdown documentation, one is enough, or two if you want to use a backtick in the code:

  • `<>&`: <>&

  • ``<>`&``: <>`&

The problem is BBCode, which is interpreted even in code blocks:

  • ``[b]<>[/b]`&``: [b]<>[/b]`&

I question the decision to mix BBCode (a horrible invention) with Markdown. Also, by the way, there are some incompatibilities to real Markdown, such as line breaks being interpreted literally, mildly annoying but no big deal for me.