Pasting Un-aligns New Object from Cplane

Super new to Rhino so please bare with me !

I’m simply trying to copy and paste a box (using Rhino on a mac).

The origional box is alligned with the Cplane grid. When I copy and paste this box and drag the ‘new’ box to a new position, it ends up un-alligned from the grid.

Any ideas please?

Hi -

You’ll have to provide more details about this. A 3dm file or at least a picture would be nice.
You copy-paste the object in place? You need to move it into strictly one direction? One of the corners of the box need to sit on a specific gridline?

I would like for my pasted item to also be alligned with the Cplane like the origional.

I would like to be able to line the edges of the box up together with the help of gridsnaps, but if one box is alligned exactly with the grid and the other isnt, they will never meet perfectly unless I turn off Grid Snap and zoom in to manually drag the new box to meet the line which definately doesnt feel like the way its intended to be done!

Im not sure if its my understanding of how to use Cplanes which is wrong or whether my document set up isnt quite right.

Also thanks for the quick responce!!

Help.3dm (2.3 MB)

Hi -

When I open that file, there is one (on the left) that has all sides aligned with the grid. The one on the right isn’t. I don’t know how you moved the one on the right.

In your images, you appear to be moving the one on the right. Grid snapping and moving with the gumboil will then ensures that it continue to be off the grid.

If you need to move the one on the right and have it land on the grid, use the Move command, snap to a corner, and then snap it to a grid intersection.

Thanks Wim, that helps a bunch!!