Pasting blocks with attributes from one file to another gets wonky

Having an issue pasting a block with attributes copied from one file into another where the attributes are displaying the full attribute code, and not the value key as in the original file.

ExplodeBlock in the new file makes all of the attributes disappear.

The only solution I have found was to ExplodeBlock in the original file, copy the date over as a group, then re-block it in the new file. Not ideal. Any help would be appreciated!

Build: Rhino 7

Pasted to new file:

Update, if in the original file I explode the block, then copy just the attributes over. I can later copy the entire block and paste it in without issue.

This also works if you do the same but delete the previously copied attributes from the new file prior to pasting in the block…

Hello - so far I am not able to repeat this - can you please post a simple example file?


Here you go, Original file contains a block with attributes, new file is just a default Large Objects - Inches template saved without doing anything in it.

Just tested it out again. Same issue. upon saving, closing, and reopening however the attribute values appear normally, however my text styles have been overwritten.

OriginalFileWithBlock.3dm (44.4 KB) NewFile.3dm (23.6 KB)

Any luck?

Hello - yes, I see the problem - thanks.
RH-62661 Block Attributes: Copy/paste displays incorrectly