Paste image from clipboard as Picture (frame)

Would like to have the option to use an image from the clipboard directly without having to first save it somewhere first and then pick it up with Picture… If there is an image on the clipboard and ctrl/cmd+V is pressed, it should start the Picture command and offer placement/scaling as usual.



Hi Mitch,

That would indeed be nice.
Crucial for that workflow would be that, the image should be embedded in the file.
I would opt to store the image as a .png with maximum compression.


…and have the option to reduce it to greyscale, please!

RH-40450 is fixed in the latest WIP


This seems broken in Windows, checked on 6.33.20343.16431 and 7.2.21021.7001.

Both also already checked in safe mode, copying from Explorer, Windows Photo Viewer, Firefox, and Chrome – in every case the Edit > Copy menu item is greyed out, and hitting CTRL+V yields “Unable to paste, no Rhino objects, images or text on the clipboard.”

Just to add that on the Mac it works great… But it paste the image type symbol instead of the image. [drag and drop works as expected here]


Hmm, interesting
Copy from Opera and XnView works

Just tried in Windows - it works. :pray: :pray: :pray: Thank you McNeel!

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