Pascal - ScaleByAdd Script

Hi Pascal.
Should your V4 ScaleByAdd script work in V5? I’m working on a model atm that this would be perfect for, but I get:
Type mismatch in parameter. Array required
Line: 46
Char: 15
when trying to scale 1D.

Hi Matt- seems to work OK here- I’ll attach the one I just tested, - line 46 is commented out, so I am not sure what that is about but in any case, this one seems to work as expected here.
BTW, @MattE , you can type @pascal in your note if you need a response specifically from me, and want to make sure I am notified.

ScaleByAdd (2).zip (1.1 KB)


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@pascal - tried it again on a closed polysurface using 1D and it works fine. It has a problem with doing the same thing to a plain old line rectangle though.

Hmm- this seems fine here - did you try replacing what you have with the one I posted above a while ago?


Oooops. Apologies @pascal . The new one sorts the problem. Many thanks