Pascal- man down!

(Pascal Golay) #61

This was a straight head-on collision… not so very fast, but even so a combined speed of maybe 35 mph or so, just guessing. A big enough boom for me.



side-effect from using rhino so much.


Pascal, hopefully, you will be in grade-8 condition in no time.


I can fix you with the Healing Tool in Photoshop, but I might just leave you with a Naked Edge in Rhino, and we wouldnt want any naked parts of Pascal showing, our female Rhino users might say different !
Glad the brain is intact, until we can clone you, stay off that bike !

Seriously though, my heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery. Just happened to see this thread on meta, as I never have been on Meta before. As you are still posting, I had to double check the date of this !



Those bicycles are a real horror show - personally I never ride a bicycle now unless it’s like this below - also helps enormously with head-ons which other cyclists!

All the best Pascal.


hi pascal
my english language not good, so i can’t speak very nice,but know i hope you will better soon and enjoy your life,i’m very grateful of you
All the best for my very good digital brother :smile:


Pascal – Best wishes for a quick recovery! Michael


A speedy recovery Pascal !


Just read this – best wishes, Sir!

(Pascal Golay) #70

Thanks again, all, for the well-wishing! With everyone being so kind and attentive, I feel I should give some sort of progress report- I am doing better but still one-handed for a while… For those of you keeping score at home, as of the last x-rays rib fractures are leading clavicle breaks at 5 to 2. I’ll be getting myself rearranged and aligned next Wednesday, after which I expect things should go more smoothly.

cheers, Pascal


My best wishes for your recovery and the next Wednesday “re-alignment” :wink:

Crashing on a bike (motor or not) is always a painful thing. Take your time to rest and recover properly.

Cheers, Ángel.

(John Brock) #72

In addition to the Grade 8 bolts, he may need some bailing wire too.


Wow! I hope you mend well Pascal. Take care.


(Pascal Golay) #74

I’d like all titanium please - got to keep with my … what’s that word again, Concorde? ….idiom, that’s it.


(John Brock) #75

Besides, titanium won’t effect your super powers.

(Brian James) #76

If you have the option, Adamantium is supposed to be pretty tough.

(John Brock) #77

Yes but Adamantium is a cultivar of Unobtanium.

(Pascal Golay) #78

I think I had that as a kid.


Pascal! So sorry to hear this. We don’t bounce like we used to do we. Hope you are up and on the mend soon.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery,

Michael Deimen


Talking about X-ray and superpowers…