Pascal- man down!

Hope you’ll get back to work soon.

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@pascal Hope you are back and at it soon, always like seeing you here on the forum.

All my best … Danny

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Best wishes for speedy recovery!

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Feature Request: Feel better!

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I’ve been down that broken collarbone road myself. Except mine was from a motorcycle crash. It’s quite unpleasant! Hope you’re feeling better soon.


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yeah, but you see, those are dangerous.


@pascal I´m glad you´re alive and getting the hang of being a lefty… you´ll see it´s not such a bad thing after all :wink: ! I hope you recover your right hand and other body parts soon of course. Take your time but hurry too… McNeel is lonely without you!

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Ouch! Pascal, get well soon - but take your time!
We’ll try to help out in the meantime…

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Thanks! the help I get here is amazing even without my complicating things.


@Ncik - road bike, head on with another, passing where/when he shouldn’t on a local bikeway trail thing.


Yep! Three times broken collar bone here. Twice on the motorbike, but the other was on the pushie. Those darn two wheeled things :wink:
I hope you heal up soon Pascal. We miss you.


To a quick recovery!

Hi Pascal,

A surprise to hear you’ve had an accident.
I wish you a total recovery and hope your pain fades out quickly.



Hope you will recover quickly! We need you here!

It’s amazing how little accidents are happening here in the Netherlands with all the crazy cyclists around…
Look… I can type this msg on my mobile while cycling hands off the steering right across a huge traffic lights crossi… AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

Reminds me of this:

For the uninitiated:
This is an 80’s Dutch TV celebrity with a show about new technology.

In the comments on Youtube I read that this was an April fools day joke. Pfew, I already wondered…

For the non Dutchies: This bearded man was our tech man in NL with his television shows about how our future world would look like. His accent was also funny as he came from the South.

South? … Everything is relative…

hehe yes that’s what I also thought when I wrote it. :smile:

Praying for your soon and complete recovery. Thanks so much for all your great help.

Dunno, I feel a lot safer on my motorcycle going 60 than I do on a bicycle doing 15…

The weight, gyroscopic stability, amount of rubber in contact with the road, and the size of the brakes are all contributing factors, plus the armor you wear gives you at least the illusion of being less naked and vulnerable and more in control. That being said, the chance of surviving an impact with a solid object on a motorcycle going 60 mph is virtually zero…