Parts Labeling: Keeping Trees Matched up

I’m not tweening the curves. I’m offsetting the original curve three times, shattering the middle offset, and then negative extending the curves and using their end points.

There’s one set created in each the sets of closed curves that define the parts. One set of the overlapping curves is hidden. The definition I replied to HSKim with most recently has everything in it. If you ignore the Ngon text object like he did you can still see it all. I’m working with his version because it was easy to plug back into mine and I got it working quick. But often (including our last interaction about culling lines on another post) you come up with stuff that’s very efficient that I just need to spend a little extra time reintegrating into my work, so I’ll take a look at your solution later too.

I used TweenCrv instead of your third offset but they should be the same. Whatever, if you haven’t looked at my code yet (it’s simpler!), I’m done.

It does look simpler. I’m gonna check it out later. There are reasons it was potentially less plug&play ready than Mr. Kims, related to the rest of a larger definition, and I’m in a hurry today.

That last thing you showed me, with the line culling definition on another thread, using Brep Closest Point, ended up being the seed that made it possible to get it working. I’ll post that soon too.