Parting line without geometry?

I thought I remembered there being a tool to create a fake parting line so you could see what it looked like without having to split geometry.
Was that only in the beta and didn’t make it here, or am I just searching for the wrong words?


yes. That’s it. Too bad they didn’t Also call it parting line in the help file so you could search for it without knowing that other term. I hadn’t heard the term shutline before. It makes Sense, however, you can also use that tool to show some other things as well. Putting those terms in the help file help people find the tool.
But I’m happy to have learned the term once again.

now, can you change the mesh of that? The shutline doesn’t seem to change mesh with the object’s mesh settings.
Right now I have a circle on the top and it has Very visible segments. Looks like 32 segments or so where I’d want it more like 64.