Partially split mesh for Kangaroo?

Hey all !
I am looking to make something along the lines of the hunch of the bulbasaur / alien egg / demogoron mouth.
Basically i want to apply a Pressure goal on the mesh and make the mesh that’s in the pic inflate a bit while the top parts open up like petals.
Therefore I made the points that are high-lightened to be anchors but I need to split the mesh along the creases in such a way that it separates into 5 leaves/petals at the top. Any pointers on how to achieve this? Many thanks!

Hi Zoster,
You’ll need to model your mesh with an actual separation between the petals to avoid the vertices getting combined in the solver. This can be a very small value, just make sure that your tolerance setting on the solver component is lower though.
In terms of actually modelling the starting mesh, I’d say

  • make one petal where the edges match the 5-fold symmetry lines
  • horizontally scale in the vertices a small amount for the top part that you want to open
  • array this radially
  • join these meshes into one

(you might need to call the Rhino command AlignMeshVertices to make sure the vertices at the bottom get joined properly, but use a distance less than the amount you moved the top vertices by)