Paramtric PolylineCurve isn't converting into surface

I’m working in a parametric project, from a 3D model I got from internet.

I divided the model into a series of different contours, and then convert them into surfaces to extrude them, so I can cut them in a laser cutter.

But one of the curves isn’t converting into a surface and I don’t know why.

I’ve atached the Grasshoper code and the 3D model, in the code you will see an item extracted from the PolylineCurve list, with the curve thats not transforming.

Thanks! (11.7 KB)
Parametric_Cat.3dm (3.5 MB)

Try to change your rhino 3dm’s unit absolute tolerance to 0.001 or using Boundary Surfaces should work.

Parametric_Cat_re.3dm (5.1 MB) (14.1 KB)

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It worked, thank you