Parametric walls

I know very little about the program that I want to create a parametric wall and it should be edited as simple as possible.This is very important to me, please help me if anyone can add it here, please…This can be like the images below.PLEASE HELP ME


The first image looks like a kind of truchet-tiling with hexa_grid, 60-degree rotations. You can find many other examples by google search… (62.4 KB)

For the second, you could use this kind of grid…

And for the third one, you’ll need to draw a profile of a custom block, extruding and stacking it, mirroring several times…

CustomBlock (12.6 KB)

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I mean,in the pit area, the circles are approaching each other, but I want the distance of each circle to be equal to each other.I’d appreciate it if you could help me.

If you want us to help, please post the gh file (internalise the surface).

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grassopper (12.8 KB)
6.3dm (4.0 MB)

Since your referenced surface has uneven UV domain space, so you’ll need to divide surface edges evenly and retrieve surface parameters to get the evenly divided domain.

Or you can just use Rebuild Surface(Lunchbox or pufferfish plugin).

grassopper (22.0 KB)

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Thanks a lot :))