Parametric Street Canyon Script Help - Controlling Wall Heights better


I have made this simple parametric design script to make a street canyon for building energy simulation, that also has a probing plane, and a probing point, and the whole thing can be rotated in a circle to account for street direction.

The script is attached. Right now the height of the wall surfaces are directly controlled by the width of the street, and I can scale them with a scale factor in the “z” direction based on that. I.e., if my street is 20m wide, the walls are 20m wide, If I want it 40m high I scale it by 2.

The issue with this though is that if I make the street wider, the walls also get taller, and I want to keep the walls a constant height and not have to calculate the scale factor each time.

How can I make it so that I can just set a height with a slider input for each surface?

Remy (20.1 KB)