Parametric objects


I am very new to Rhino and I am looking for some parametric method.
I found Rhino Parametrics, looks great however it is a very overpriced addon.
GH is also great however I wish something easier, and simple Rhino object with some several attributes like in case of Revit families or Archicad GDL objects. Is that possible to simplify GH objects in Rhino and use them multiple times like a normal object?

Hi onrender,

Two other options come to mind that you may be interested in exploring. Blocks and recording history. If you want to have multiple instances of an object and edit one with the others updating, that’s what Rhino calls a Block. You can read up on how they work here…
Recording history is an option at the bottom of Rhino that can be clicked once before running a command like say Mirror and then that Mirror action will record a relationship between the original and mirrored object allowing you to move the original to update the mirrored copy. You can also right click where it says record history to always record history when running a command. Not all commands work with history though and if a new object is created (e.g. BooleanUnion), a history relationship may be broken.

Personally I like GH for parametric modeling. It allows for a number of workflows and can be used in whole for a design or in part over small areas of a model.

Hi, Brian,

Thanks, that is great I will take some experiments with blocks too. Well recording is also very interesting however as you mentioned it is sensitive to boolean operation. I am afraid I need to learn some GH because boolean and rounding edges play a big role. But blocks … definitely a good idea, thank you to mentioned.