Parametric Objects - just for a short answer question


I am still thinking on parametric objects, at the moment what I could imagine (with my 0 level of programming skill) on an object that objects could be generated by a script. Script would be linked to an database. When I change database values, I could run the script again. The script would delete the original object and recreate a new one based on the new values of database. I think it could work. Could anybody suggest me what could be the weakness of this plan? And an other question what is the topic of a real parametric object when I can use “control points” to display a real time transformation ?

There are some already in Rhino - via history or using Grasshopper, RhinoWorks and RhinoParametrics

Thanks but, I wish my own. custom user data

Hi. Do you know how is RhinoParametrics in develop? Their website doesnt work.

Hi Peter,

You can download RhinoParametrics from here.

Yes Yes. There is V3 from 2012-10-01 but for example: Where could i buy it? :wink:

V3 is probably the last one released. Contact the author of the plugin in here or on facebook.

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