Parametric Modulations workshop in London - January 15-17, 2020

Parametric Modulations workshop
London (UK)
January 15-17, 2020

Parametric design has defined many rules from architectural history for current designers and for future practitioners to follow. One of the most prominent aspects from this style is geometry. The language of any style, in the long history of architecture, is visually defined by geometry or shape, beyond the principles that define the core of the style. In parametric architecture, geometry has played, and is continuing to play an integral role in the style. And with this young style, there are many strings of myths and false notions associated.

Organized by MaterialDriven, and led by Global Visiting School, an offshoot of rat[LAB] EDUCATION, this unique 3-day workshop provides a detailed insight into parametric design and the embedded logic behind it, through a series of design explorations using Rhinoceros and Grasshopper platforms, along with an understanding of data- driven design strategies.

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Posted Dec 02, 2019 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.