Parametric modeling

“…when more
people begin to explore and understand parametric modeling, it helps the entire group.”

this very thing, because of my 3D solid modeling background, means much different things to me than probably the entire group.

where are the constraints i wonder.

maybe i’ll have to program them or something.

degrees of freedom control is key.

history tree is also key.

I’ll be reading the new primer, and seeing what’s new, and what i now may discern.


I’m pretty amazed how you are about to learn a new program and spamming the forum with things you imagine should work differently based on another program…
May I ask why you decided to change?

What is the purpose of this post, I am wondering?

spam lol. k.

I’m not learning a new program. I’ve known about grasshopper since the beginning.

I look at things broadly.

you assume what?

to change the world.