Parametric drawing workflow for Revit

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on creating parametric drawings using RiR. The model is built on a 3D polygon family, which will be rotated and moved to create a snake-like structure composed of various polygons. The polygon family remains constant but is duplicated to form the overall structure. Given the 3D environment, selecting the optimal cutting plan for representation on sheets can be challenging. To address this, I am considering using detail lines and hatches within drafting views to construct the polygon and annotations. Subsequently, I plan to place the views on the appropriate sheet.

This approach appears more convenient for annotating the figure and identifying the correct points. When using a cut, placing dimensions can be intricate, especially for non-obvious measurements. It’s important to clarify that I aim to represent only the geometry of a single polygon in the drawings. If I were to represent the entire structure, I would utilize 3D views.

Do you think reproducing the polygon with detail lines and hatches within a drafting view and then placing it on the appropriate sheet is a suitable procedure? I have observed that this procedure is achievable using RiR, but I am open to hearing different opinions.

Looking forward from hearing opinions from experienced users! @Japhy

I would like to see more of what the final outcome would be. Ideally you would have only 3dModel geometry referenced by your drawings.