Parametric Combination + Export to Parasolid

Hi everyone,

I am seeking for some help with the methodology to export a number of geometries from Grasshopper. What I neeed is to define a parametric study, in which I generate all the potential combinations between the parameters (with defined levels for each parameter), and export them to a folder (preferably in parasolid format).

I created a simplified model to help the discussion.

In the example case, lets say I want to generate all the combinarions between the 4 parameters with 3 levels per parameter, with the maximum and minimum bounds defined (in the sliders now, but could be else where), that would generate 4^3 = 64 combinations that I need to export to parasolid, name them accordingly to a defined method (let’s say for now case1, case2…) and generate a list with all the the names and the parametrs values for each case.

The aim is to analyse the generated geometries with a 3rd party software. The actual geometry I have has a larger number of parameters, and hence the number of combinations increases significantly.

Thanks for your help.

Regards, (8.2 KB)

I think this question would benefit from more specificity. Are you having problems with automating the file export? Naming? Generating a range of values?

When it comes to generating text, look at the concat and join text components.

Yeah, sorry I may have not been very concise. I think my main problem it is that I have no idea how to export to parasolid from grasshopper and automate it… I guess if I had that part sorted would be easier for me to start building the rest.