Parametric bed - help

Hey there! I need help with something… I want to model something like what’s in this image. I’m using the ‘Contour’ component, but I can only get the contours to go parallel to one another. And in this case, they would need to be in a radial order.

As you can see, I first modeled the shape in Rhino, and then made the contours in Grasshopper. The red lines describe the way each contour would need to be.

Does anyone know how could I achieve this?

Thank you very much!

use brep plane intersection

Brep plane will give you probably unwanted sections, since the plane is infinite.
I would go for brep|brep intersection.

I made this shape

by intersecting a solid (Closed Brep) with an array of large thin rectangular solids. This same method should work for you provided the bed geometry is also a closed Brep. I think you’d have to do something about the center of the array though - maybe make the rectangular solids not quite meet at the center.

Search for “parametric bench”: