I would like to ask if there is a possibility to assign global parameters to, for example, wall layers? It’s fine to have a wall with some parameters, but also it could be great to assign them to sub-elements. As I presume, I could add as many parameters as I wish, and they could be in some accordance with IFC format. For example, I can add an “IfcThermalConductivityMeasure” (and it is a standard IFC format) as a global parameter but in this way it is quite useless, as it should be assigned to a wall layers (for further calculating a thermal propoerty of the wall). I can add such parameters to every layer, but it is a real pain, as I have to create a new category and a new parameter again and again…
Also, some kind of a hierarchy would be very helpful: not only for parameters (as they can be categorized), but for all the elements - for example as a family in Revit. Some options could be inherited from parents, now almost all elements’ parameters have to be assigned individually…
Cheers, Jaro
p.s. As I am finishing and delivering my first project made with VA, I will have quite a lot questions, wishes and requests. Just give me some time to elaborate it :wink:

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I’ve almost forgotten the most important thing: why I am asking for such a thing :wink:
When preparing a style table for elements I would like to add a field (let’s say “IfcThermalConductivityMeasure”) – if it is a global parameter I can add all walls and check if some of them have this property. My wish is to add all walls and the “IfcThermalConductivityMeasure” parameters for walls layers would appear in a table…

Hi @jerry.bakowski,
Right now new Parameters created by Document or by object Style can’t be assigned to style components, so you need to create them individually for each component. Also these custom parameters don’t necessarily match with ifc standarts, eventhough they are named in the same way. So we should add the option to link them.
In addition, the information of object style components (like the Width of a Door frame or a custom parameter assgined to a wall layer) can’t be listed in tables, so this is something also planned for future versions.
I take note of your requests for the future development!

Thanks for the reply, Francesc!
Also, it would be really fine if you could add an option to allow some calculations on parameters.
Cheers, Jaro

All right! Calculated Parameters is also planned! I’ll keep you posted with this development.

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