Parameterisation of elements, saving and reading characteristics from matrix

I have a problem with the parametrization of multiple elements (cylinders of different sizes and positions), without copying the same code several times.

The idea is to model a metal plate with diferent couplig on it.
The number of joints can vary from 0 to 100.
I would like to have a selector that sets the number of joints to be modelled and another that states that the n-th is being modelled.
The characteristics of the various elements are stored in a matrix or list and then according to these values (position, size,…) are modelled.
I have a problem implementing the save and read phase of these elements.
I cannot manage where and how to save (columns and rows) the values. I have tried also with python, but without good results.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
I am attaching an example to better understand what I would like to achieve.

Plate& (21.8 KB)