Parameter Value reporting incorrectly

I’ve encountered an issue when it comes to reporting a type parameter value of a specific unit type correctly in GH. In this case, the Apparent Load for Lighting Fixtures (Electrical). What’s interesting is that when you hover over the component output it displays the values correctly (10 VA) however, when connected to a Panel the values displayed are completely different.

My initial assumption is that because the parameter unit type is ‘Apparent Power’ and not ‘Text’ or ‘Length’ then GH is having trouble casting it correctly to a double or string. Any ideas on how to get the correct output to work? Thanks!

That’s actually how Revit API returns the parameter value. We only make adjustments on values that are about geometry. In specific case of Apparent Load, the preview shown on the component is the result of .AsValueString() on the parameter vs the actual value on the panel is result of .AsDouble() which returns the real value

Any luck solving your issue?

I’ve experienced a similar issue in terms of the inspect element component, which in my case also results in incorrect outputs…

Im having the same issue with the wall thikness. Ive put a topic one hour ago about it.
is this happening to you since you updated RIR?

I have only experienced incorrect values from the inspect element component. However I have not been using RIR that long (started this week), so it might be due to an update maybe?
I updated RIR today

My scrip worked untill today´s update. I´m goind to wait for some feedback or then unisnstall and install the old version (which worked).
Not sure If your thing would work with the previous version. You can try if you keep/get the installer. if so, please tell how it goes.

I will try that immediately (Y)
Which version worked for your?

I´m prettty sure it was v0.5

It seems I am not allowed to run RIR on an older version… So no success

have you uninstall the current one? I guess it´s the way to get it

Aah right…!
I works - thanks @alejandrocgaltas! So obviously an error in the update then?

Ups, sorry about that.
A fix is there in both channels Daily and Release.

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