Parallel projected views and environment reflections

Hi @jeff,

Parallel projected views handles reflected environments very different than perspective views, even with 1000mm “lenses”. Can this be tuned?

Top view is perspective, bottom is a parallel projected view:

As you can see the perspective view communicates the shape much better, while the parallel view makes the model appear flat and 2D ish.

I hope it is a quick fix :wink:

I had found this problem too in those days using auxpecker.

Additional info:

If I set the right view to “front” and back to “Right” again, then it looks much better…
And if I use the “4 default viewport” button then it looks like in the illustration above.

Changing from one view type to the next made things look better most likely because the camera’s position was adjusted further from the near plane… keep reading…

You do realize that you’re asking for Parallel views to work like Perspective views…right? The reflections look different because the projection is different. I cannot treat reflections differently than what the frustum dictates. However, the results should not be all that different…so the only thing I can think of as to why yours does is that your camera location in the parallel view(s) is slammed up right against the near plane… Turn the camera on for the parallel view in question and verify…if the camera position and camera target are really close to each other, then select the camera location point and move it further back (away from the near plane) and you should start to see things look “better”… Or, if you want the front and side views to look like the Perspective view, then simply change the Projection setting to “Perspective”.

Unfortunately there is really nothing for me to fix here…as I said, there is no way I can treat reflection calculations different from what the camera frustum dictates… In other words, there is no way to even detect this situation, much less know what to do even if I could… I know you’ll probably say “Just do what you do in Perspective views” … but that’s a humanistic view on things, and it’s not something that can “just” be done programmatically.


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Hi Jeff,
You are right, I started off asking for a Parallel View to act as much as Perspective view as possible.
And yeah, I see what you mean, if I adjust the “distance” of the parallel camera then I can manually adjust this.

So basically what I “wanted” was for Rhino to calculate the theoretical distance a perspective camera would need for that view, and then set that as the distance… That would work in some cases, but not all, so I can make a script for that if I need it.

I also see that when I use ZoomExtents in a Parallel view the camera distance is altered. Much more than expected. So I see the camera in a parallel view acts different than I though. I am at peace with that. I think… This will affect the use of environment reflections on layouts though. But I don’t see an easy fix for this.

Ok, thanks for the help!