Parallel grouping


I have a voronoi cell and I need to loft a surface between each edge and two parrallel segments. I want to create a tree where each branch contains three parallel segments and then apply the loft component.
Here is a picture of what is giving me headaches :exploding_head:

Thanks for your help

Please upload the definition, and internalize the data on those first two curve components.

Here it is @Max3 (17.6 KB)

I’m confused because I see the edges and I see only one parallel segment. Where is the second parallel segment?

Also, what do you want this to look like in the end? Is the goal just a polyhedron with offset holes in each face, or is the goal something more complicated that I don’t understand?

Each edge has a parallel segment on the faces of which it is the intersection, they’re not coplanar.

What I want to get is some sections like this: section

And these sections would meet like this:

the goal is to get something like this in the end:

Thank you for taking the time to clarify my poor explications :slight_smile:

this thickens the cell edges with Solid Offset from the Sasquatch plugin, which I think might be a fast way to get to the desired final result (25.7 KB)

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Thank you Inno,

I’m going to have a look at this but I’m afraid it won’t solve my problem, I need to extrude separately each edge surface in order to have miter cutting between each piece…

ahhhh I understand what you mean now,
yes, my previous post was completely wrong then :slight_smile:

the fastest way is to go with distance, the best way is to go through topology, this is by distance:
the following considers only the center points of each edge, and for each original edge it retrieves the two closest offseted ones (35.6 KB)

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Thanks a lot Inno! I have now to apply your solution to the other faces left to construct, I’m very interested in the topology solution, but I will dig it by myself.

Thanks again

in general, the only problem I think you might encounter is when a small edge disappears as result of the inside-offset operations, like this edge at index 1:

using the closest middle-point method in the previous definition will fail in this scenario
theoretically speaking, you would still want an edge with length “zero” to be present

I have no idea how to tackle this, probably a completely different approach is needed (I think the native Loft component does not support points, only curves)