Parallel computing/threading bug: CCX

Hello all,

After working through grasshopper today, I came across an error which seemed to confuse me. I had two separate data trees feeding in to a curve|curve intersect component. Both data trees had nulls within them, therefore I expected a similar null output from the curve|curve component. However, I was surprised to see an item had in fact been created despite only having nulls as input:

After a ton of fiddling, I almost gave up but decided to turn OFF the parallel computing option on the node and hooray! solved. The node behaved as expected:

I believe this has to do with the fact the parallel computing must be running the same function simultaneously, which is probably where there is some sort of mix up happening with the data tree class within the component. I’m not sure if this has been documented before but thought the community/developers should know…

You need to upload your code if you want someone to take a look - screenshots are often not enough information.

@DavidRutten, you probably will want to have a look at this.

Apologies, the file I was working on is confidential and I didn’t have the time to try and recreate the issue. I thought the screenshots pretty clearly explain what is happening.

I am not actually looking for a solution but informing the community that there seems to be a bug occurring with the parallel computing option on a specific (or other) node(s). I believe this may be the first instance where there could be a reason NOT to have it turned on.

You can internalize the trees upto the point shown on the picture