ParaCamera Plug-in Released! Assist Rhino's camera control!

I just published on food4rhino my plug-in named ParaCamera!

The ParaCamera plug-in assists in parametric control of Rhino’s camera.

To get the perfect angle of view in Rhino, the following components are included.

  • GetCamera: Gets the camera location of the specified view.
  • SetCamera: Sets the camera location of the specified view.
  • SetFrame: Sets the rectangular frame and updates the specified view to the corresponding angle of view.

It is possible to control not only the perspective view but also the parallel view.
It is currently in the development stage, and additional functions will be added through version upgrades.

The current version of ParaCamera is 0.1.0.
ParaCamera examples and documentation will be added in the next release.

Thank you!!


Thank you starting this tool. I’m going to start playing with it immediately. And I’m sure you will get a lot of user feedback here.

Thank you

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Thank you so much!
If there is anything you want or if there are any bugs, please let me know anytime!!

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ParaCamera 0.1.1 is released!
Fixed a bug that could not be used in Rhino 6.


Thank you so much, I’m linking a related thread by another user who is requesting to have Pre-defined camera presets. this helps the users working in Film / Set Design.

Advanced camera tools - Rhino - McNeel Forum


Thank you so much!!
I think it looks like an interesting feature!

ParaCamera 0.2.0 is released!

Added Example file.
This is the first example file of ParaCamera. This example file contains how to use each component!


GH freezes when you try to run SetCamera ifthe View is defined by a panel with the name of a NamedView, but that namedView is not yet created

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Thank you for using ParaCamera!

I could not reproduce the freeze in Grasshopper. (11.0 KB)

If you connect a view name that is not defined to a view input, you should get an error “The View name does not exist.”.

Could you please post screenshots, files, etc.?

Thank you!!

I temporarily removed the plugin for now, but did you test it with executing the ‘set camera’? i.e. turn toggle to true?

Thank you for your reply!

For the undefined view, the same error “The View name does not exist.” is executed whether the Toggle is False or True, and the component is not executed. (15.8 KB)

I have done other tests and have not been able to reproduce the freeze on the Grasshopper.

I would like to solve the bug, but I need a few more hints.
If you can post the results of the command SystemInfo in Rhino, it might help.

If you don’t want to send it to the Forum, you can send it to the ParaCamera email address.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

ParaCamera 0.3.0 is released!

View and Projection inputs of all components now support ValueList connections.

Now even easier to use!


This feature could not have been completed without @magicteddy help on the forum.

Thank you for all your help on that occasion!

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