Paraboloid in Grasshopper

As i type in parabol in gh, there seems to be no equivalent of the paraboloid Rhino function.
How is best to achieve this elegantly?


Conics are degree 2 NURBS curves with the middle control point being given a weight.
For a parabola, that specific weight is 1. The parabola vertex is the middle of the line connecting the middle of the chord and the second control point.

Then the paraboloïd seems to be a 2Pi rotation of half the parabola around its axis. (13.0 KB)

See Rational Bézier Curves: Conic Sections

There is also The Dominion | Food4Rhino but I’ve not tested it.

Thanks Teddy…thats super helpful.
I started looking at the python implementation as well so Ill see how it all progresses…some mysteries yet I think :slight_smile:
Greatly appreciated!