Papercut: Placing the second point in ortho view snaps to cplane

When creating curves in Rhino, I always have to do large corrections after creation because I do it like this:

  1. Enable osnap and place a point in 3d space away from the cplane
  2. Disable osnap and go into an orthogonal view
  3. Place a second point

What happens:

The second point isn’t placed in the same plane as the first point, but rather on the cplane.

Expected result:

If the second point would be instead placed on the same plane as the first, along the corresponding ortho view, there would be far, far less corrections to be made on the control points of the curve.

Make sure the “Planar” box in the status bar is activated (or type Planar /Enter to toggle).

Thank you!

There’s so many toggles for each operation I need to peform to get the behavior I’m used to… I think I’m going to have to customize my toolbar with macros to toggle these as the commands execute.

You can pretty much leave Planar on all the time - I do in any case…

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