Paper Space Text Edit Issue after recent update

I have an issue that only started when I got the most recent Rhino update.

Basically, when I’m editing text in paper space, as soon as I start to type, everything BUT the text I’m editing disappears (see below) Everything comes back once I’m done editing the text and hit OK, but it’s an inconvenience when I’m laying out my drawings and something I’ve yet to run into until the most recent R6 update. Other coworkers in my office are having the same issue. Let me know what I can do or if this is a bug that can be fixed in a future release. Thanks.

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@stevebaer Rhino bug with the latest update. image

Text is disappearing when using the text editor, the text and other objects that are not being edited are what disappears.

@wim can you try and repeat this in 6.24?

Yep, got this here too - pretty disconcerting… on 6.24.20055.18581, 24-Feb-20. Haven’t loaded this week’s RC yet, will try now.

OK, appears to be fixed in the latest 6.24.20064.12211, 04-Mar-20, thanks!

Thanks for testing Mitch. @Mason please try this week’s 6.24 release candidate and let us know if the problem persists.


This appears to have fixed the issue. Thank you.

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