Panther progress

Im keen to hear how people are finding the Panther software so far.
Ive been progressing through the tutorials which are helpful and Iooking forward to seeing more in the not too distant. Having a few issues with objects displaying and rendering correctly. Seems a bit ‘glitchy’ and finding I have to restart the software in order to correct this every now and then.

Thanks for the information, Ive experienced similar issues using the software. It seems there are many things that are yet to be resolved with Panther & I’m hoping in time the software will get better. I’m trying to be patient but it is frustrating when there are so many glitches. If I could afford Matrix Gold I would but for now I’m crossing my fingers that Panther irons out the issues soon. All the best with your 3D modeling.

I’ve used panther a few times now and so far its been very handy for quick modeling on simple designs styles. I do agree there is a feeling of lag. I get the most lag if I’m working with placing a lot of stones. I’ve also experienced moments where rendering diamonds in particular can be a hassle because if you switch to other gemstones and go back to diamonds, the diamonds won’t render the way they are supposed to so I’ll go back and forth between render and raytraced mode until the diamonds render properly. this program is still very new and I’m sure the developers are working hard to help us solve our issues and fix whatever glitches that we notice so definitely give them some time. I also can’t afford Matrix Gold either but I think so long as Panther continues to grow I may not even need Matrix in the future. We shall see. For now lets continue to talk about the challenges we face with Panther so we can figure them out together!

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