Panels won't load after customizing them

The panels on the left like layers and properties and the like are always on the default mode, even after I customize them, I wanted this option to work because i am using a plugin called Visual ARQ. I have to redo this every time I open rhino, I want to know how to make it a default like a template.
I have attached a snapshot. Please help
Thank you!

Hi Biniam - my guess is that this is because VA loads after the initial UI is set up - this may (should!) work much better in the V8/WIP, but I have not tested that case.

Hm, though I woiuykd not exepct all the other panels to insist on baing open - let me see what I can find out

@Biniam_Wondimu make sure that the Rhino that you set up the way you like it is the last instance of Rhino to close. Also, it may help, with no Rhino running at all, to rename this file:




then restart Rhino and sest up the way you like, close and reopen… Any luck?