Panels resize every time Rhino starts

I keep a number of floating panels open on one of my external monitors: Command History, Display, Named Selections, and Object Snaps. I adjust the size of the windows so that they extend right to the edges of the monitor and are also directly adjacent to each other so that they are touching but not overlapping each other. On a separate but related note, I have my favorites toolbar (which is set as my sidebar palette) set up so buttons are visually grouped (4 per row) and easy to find.

That said, every time I start Rhino, these floating panels and the sidebar are resized to a seemingly arbitrary value. The floating panels overlap each other, and if I don’t readjust them every time, eventually they will cover buttons or information of the other floating panels.

The width of the Sidebar panel also resizes every time I start Rhino, and also sometimes when a new document is created. Usually, this results in a sidebar panel that is narrower, and therefore now only 3 buttons wide. This throws my button organization out the window. Because of the number of buttons in my favorites toolbar, it also extends the list of buttons longer than the height of my monitor, which causes a scrollbar to show up on the side of the toolbar.

While this isn’t preventing me from doing my work, it causes me to readjust the windows and toolbars quite often. I can add some screenshots to better illustrate the issue if needed. Thanks in advance.