Panels keep resetting themselves

I use rhino on 2 computers.

When i open a drawing on my work laptop the panes are always in the wrong place and it opens minimised ,So i have to maximise and move my panes,which is really boring!
When i open the same drawing on my desktop at home it opens as it should,Maximised and panes in the correct place.

Is there a file i can delete on my laptop as i am sure soemthing has become corrupted.


Hello- see if re-naming or deleting this folder (with all Rhinos closed) sorts it out.


It’s a bit better,Rhino opens to a small window rather than minimised but the panes are still messed up.
I notice that if i right click on the taskbar and select show windows side by side,Then i undo that the panes move back to the incorrect positions.
I uninstalled Nvidia RTX desktop manager just in case it was that conflicting,It wasn’t.

Hello- as a next step: When Rhino opens to its small window, don’t maximize it, drag it out larger by hand to a near-maximized size. Arrange the toolbars and panels as you like, close and re-open. Any better?


OOh,Yes that worked

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