Panelling tool grid with multiply V distance(non equal)

Greetings to everyone,
I do have a problem or I am just super tired from solving this one for 2 days, and would really appreciate any help.
Basically, I need to create a non-uniform greed of point on a surface using Surface domain length. The U distance is always fixed, but the V distance should be 5 numbers that are different.
For some reason, it gave me 5 more additional rows at the end and also an error message.
is there any way to do it or maybe any suggestions on how to fix it?
Panellization.3dm (149.2 KB) (53.7 KB)

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recently hat a relatable topic - do you want to achive something like this?

Greetings Pejo,
Thanks for your reply,
No, As I have mentioned and you can see it in the grasshopper file, the task is to achieve a multiply point offset of a point with 5 different values. The grid should be straight like normal penalization. You may check it in the grasshopper file that I’m using the actual panel.

sorry, this picture is missleading this describe better what i think you want to achive:

unfortunatly for what ever reason my laptop crashes after your script is open for a few seconds

Greeting Pejo,
Yes, exactly like that. Could you share the gh definition?

It looks like you have use multiplication. Am i right?
In my case im trying to achive just different height with specific number.
For example:
Yhe bottom row should be 3.1m the second row 4 the third 3.1 the fourth 3.65 and so on

Greetings Pejo,
I would appreciate it if you could share the definition.

Sorry totaly forget abour this thread. Could share it with you tomorrow evening.

One question left: if you divide the input surfaces (f.e. 12 and 15 heigth) by four values (f.e.0.5,1,2,3,4) you will end up with different leftover fregments (1.5 and 4.5) - is this what you are aiming for? I also see a potential missmatching for the width division values.
Maybe you could do a quick sketch of inputs surfaces and the divison you want to achive so we can solve this more wholistic.

super simple straigth forward Approach - let me know if this is what you are aiming for. (18.5 KB)

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